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Personalized Medicine and Genetics (Enlarge)

Personalized Medicine and Genetics

We help physicians and patients achieve more personalized and informed care based on clinically proven biomolecular and genetic tests that we offer by partnering with innovative companies.
Personalized Medicine and Genetics (Enlarge)

Our current line of precision medicine testing services includes:

  • NIPT - MaterniT & GenomiT - Non Invasive Prenatal Test
  • Afirma (Veracyte)  - Thyroid FNA analysis (contributes to improving diagnosis and treatment of thyroid nodules)
  • Endopredict (Myriad) for the assessment breast cancer recurrence
  • myChoiceCDxPLUS (Myriad) Homologous recombinant deficiency (HRD) test to predict response to PARPi
  • Immunoscore® (HalioDx) the first standardized test that measures the immune response at the tumor site and aids in the assessment of colon cancer recurrence
  • Prolaris (Myriad) for Prostate Cancer risk management
  • Neuropharmagen (AB biotics) – Identifying the safest and most appropriate psychotropic medication for each patient, by analyzing their DNA 
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