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Pharmaceutical Products (Enlarge)

Pharmaceutical Products

CTS operates in every strategic segment of the healthcare market: Hospital and institutional products; prescription drugs (Generics & Branded) ; and consumer healthcare / OTC products.
Pharmaceutical Products (Enlarge)

Ethical products / In-Licensing

In gynecology- urology, our portfolio includes novel contraceptive drugs, as well as HRT treatments and uterin fibroids, URI infection products.
In Endocrinology, we distribute several HRA products for Cushing's syndrome and other disorders.
We distribute popular NSAID pain medications – Xefo by Takea and the wearable dermal drug delivery product Dicloplast by IBSA.



Rx Generic Products

Our Generics Products Portfolio consists of both in-licensed products via partnerships with multinational pharma companies as well as in-house developed and manufactured Rx generics products.
Our Generics products offering includes both tenders products as well as promoted Gx products where applicable, for example, we launched Razin (Phentramine) for weight loss and prevention of metabolic syndrome.



Hospital Products

Our leading products include several drugs for the Oncology departments, for supportive oncology treatments, and for surgery.
In the Nephrology, cardiology and gastroenterology area, we offer a wide range of iron IV or injections for iron defiency where oral iron preparations are ineffective.


Medical Devices

We are the exclusive distributor of PARI's leading range of nebulizers to local hospitals and healthcare organizations.
In Orthodontics we distribute Geistlich's novel bone replacement biomaterials for bone regeneration.


OTC Products

At the center of CTS's vision is the health of babies, infants and children. This inspired our two leading product lines: Tiptipot (small drops in Hebrew) and Taftapim recommended by pediatricians and considered a leading healthcare brand in Israel.

Our range of OTC products is based on our local development, formulation and registration expertise and manufactured in our fully owned manufacturing sites. In addition, where appropriate, we collaborate with leading innovative companies around the world, in order to bring the best quality products to the local market.
For adults, we have a full line of products. We also recently launched "Tonite" OTC sleeping aid. 

Tiptipot®- Infant medications in orally administered drops
Tiptipot (small droplets in Hebrew) is our unique line of infant medications in orally administered concentrated drops.
The formulations allows for small volume dose (up to a quarter of regular liquid dose required), easy to administer and offers palatable taste.
Taftapim®- Complete series of cold care products for babies
A holistic line for the common cold in babies (runny nose).
Two recently launched award-winning products are: Firsti: Teeth cleaning drops for baby’s first teeth; and Baby Face: A soothing gel for the mouth area which is particularly susceptible to redness and irritation caused by pacifier use and excess saliva when teething. 

Consumer healthcare



Women's health


  • We offer leading clinically proven and doctor recommended supplements such as vitamin D, iron supplements and Calcichew (Takeda) calcium-D3  supplement for women.
  • Other CTS leading product lines include Femina women's vaginal health and hygiene; A dermo-cosmetics line including Prolactic and Medjool Care.



  • Prolactic / Lactofil: a complete range of  pH 3.5 products for dry, irritated and sensitive skin (cream wash, body Lotion, facial cleansing mousse, hand cream, anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner).
  • Our recently launched line of Medjoolcare line is comprised of extracts from Israeli nutrient-rich Medjool dates. These dates contain remarkable health properties such as vitamins and antioxidants that rejuvenate your skin in many ways.

For a comprehensive list of our products and partnership opportunities – please contact us here

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