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    Agrica (Enlarge)

    AgricaSupporting Agriculture and Plant Health

    Agrica focuses on development and marketing of crop protection products, seeds, and plant nutrition products
    Agrica (Enlarge)

    Thanks to almost 100 years of experience serving the Israeli agriculture market, Agrica's team of agronomists applies practical solutions in helping farmers deal with challenges and trends in modern agriculture.

    Our team of expert agronomists serves the agricultural community, accompanying them throughout the agricultural cycle, providing solutions and agronomy consultation. We emphasize farmer safety, environmental protection and crop protection from seeding to harvest.
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    Products and Partners


    Agrica manufactures some of our crop protection products, and partners with leading multinational agrochemicals companies to register and distribute their products in Israel.


    Our partners include: BASF, Nufarm, Nutriag, Brandt, Valent (sumitomo), UPL and others.


    Agrica also imports seeds from leading multinational companies that are in the forefront of agricultural research and development.

    Our seed partners include Tomatech, KWS, Esasem, Emerald, United Genetics and others.


    Serving Israeli Farmers


    Our staff of agronomists provides farmers with solutions and expert guidance in the crop protection and seed areas. Agronomists communicate daily with farmers, government officials and research and training institutions, in order to fully understand and meet the needs of the agricultural market.


    In the seeds area, in addition to imports, we manufacture and process seeds of improved of hybrid vegetable varieties. Our team of agronomists reviews the compatibility of different crops to climatic conditions of different geographic regions in Israel. They are also in close contact with retail food chains and produce exporters, in order to meet the requirements of produce supply chain players and consumers worldwide. Agrica's entire range of products is in compliance with EurepGAP (and food chains requirements and standards.


    Agrica's agronomists report to farmers in real time after visiting fields using advanced technologies. They keep thousands of farmers updated with critical and relevant information: spraying timelines, professional crop treatment information and solutions. Farmers use Agrica's knowhow in their decision making process, and timely reports enable them to choose from the range of solutions offered to them by Agrica.


    Dr. Meron Production Facility


    Our Dr. Meron facility, located in the Haifa bay, was acquired in 1981 from its founder, Dr. Meron. Today, the plant serves as Agrica's production and packaging facility, in addition to veterinary products for CTS's animal care division. 

    The plant develops and manufactures crop science products, and sanitation products for poultry and beef farming. We operate by the strictest Israeli standards, and strive to surpass local standards.

    Facility installations include state-of-the-art packaging and production equipment, enabling various formulations such as powders, liquids, sprays and concentrates.
    In addition to the plant's production for CTS's agricultural and veterinary divisions, the plant offers production and packaging services for other agricultural companies.


    Dr. Meron complies with the following standards:

    • Quality standard ISO 9001:2015
    • Environmental standard ISO 14001: 2015
    • Occupational health and safety standard OHSAS 18000: 2007
    • We win 5-stars from the council for a beautiful Israel every year

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