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Strategic Investments (Enlarge)

Strategic Investments

CTS is actively seeking investments in seed or early-stage startups in its areas of expertise: healthcare, agriculture and plant science
Strategic Investments (Enlarge)

Our Investment Portfolio:

  • GuideIn Med


GuideIn has developed a guided intubation medical device, a non-invasive electronic illumination patch placed on the patient’s neck helping guide endotracheal intubation in emergency field settings. 

  • H20 FARM

(previously Growponnics Inc)
H2O Farm specializes in growing leafy greens in a state-of-the-art automated hydroponic greenhouse, for various types of leafy greens, using water as a growing medium. The patented technology provides better and safer crops, while making optimal use of resources such as water, energy, labor and land. 


  • Groundwork

In modern agriculture, restoration and preservation of the soil’s mycorrhizal balance is crucial to plants’ ability to absorb the precious nutrients that farmers work so hard to provide.
Groundwork BioAg produces highly-concentrated and vigorous mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture, based on 3 decades of agricultural research and development. The company offers mainstream commercial agriculture effective, high-quality, and affordable products.

Contact and Investment Manager

For inquiries and investment proposals please refer to our CFO Guy Alon

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