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    Personalized Medicine and Genetics (Enlarge)

    Personalized Medicine and Genetics

    Offering patients and doctors evidence-based genetic and biomolecular tests that help healthcare professionals better manage and tailor medical care

    Personalized Medicine and Genetics (Enlarge)

    In 2016, realizing that healthcare services of the future will be personalized, predictive and preventive, CTS opened its genetics and personalized medicine business unit and has been investing in this area ever since. 

    We have created partnerships with leading innovative companies around the world, where clinical evidence has shown the quality and efficacy of the tests in better risk management, personalized care and ultimately their contribution to improved outcomes. 

    Our long-standing relationships with doctors (via medical science liaison reps); with patients  (via our service hotline); and our collaboration with local and foreign laboratories, help us to support patients and caregivers in their quest to better understand their personal health profile, and ultimately get personalized optimal treatment.

    We offer genetic testing kits and services for:

    • NIPT –  MaterniT & GenomiT  - Non Invasive Prenatal Test
    • Afirma (Veracyte)  - Thyroid FNA analysis (contributes to improving diagnosis and treatment of thyroid nodules)
    • EndoPredict (Myriad) – A breast cancer prognostic test, to estimate the risk of distant recurrence in ER+/HER2- breast cancer patients and optimize treatment.
    • Prolaris (Myriad) – A prostate cancer prognostic test designed to assess prostate cancer aggressiveness and aids physician and patients to confidently select the appropriate treatment
    • Neuropharmagen (AB biotics) – Identifying the safest and most appropriate psychotropic medication for each patient, by analyzing their DNA 

    Our Partners Include:

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