Ectoparazytes Products

The Ectoparazites producs are manufactured at CTS plants, for the local Israeli market.  All products for animals are tested and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Agriculture.  In some cases we also obtain the approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Product Name  Weight Use  Available for Export


Fleamat power spray for dogs 400 ml For fleas & ticks NO
Fleamat super spray without alcohol for dogs 400 ml For fleas & ticks NO
Fleamat aerosol for birds 320 mg For louces & mites NO
Supertac 12.5 for cattle & ships 1 liter For louces & Ticks NO
Permeron 1 powder for laying hens 1 kg For louces & mites NO
Permeron 20 for laying hens   For louces & mites NO
Permeron 26.5  1 liter For flyinh insects NO
Magar for chickens & cattle 1 liter For louces & mites NO
Flea-X veterenerian powder for the dog environment 1 kg For fleas NO
Flea-X veterenerian aerosol for the dog environment 320 ml For fleas NO

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