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In- Licensing (Enlarge)

In- Licensing

CTS's reputation as a reliable partner to multinational companies spans almost 100 years. Thanks to our continued commitment and superior results we have become a preferred partner for in-licensing deals.
In- Licensing (Enlarge)

In-licensing Activity


We actively seek new partnerships with multinational companies interested in licensing their products in the Israeli market for faster commercialization. We import innovative pharmaceutical products (Rx, OTC & Medical Devices) as well as generic products.


How is CTS unique?

CTS puts patients first, and maintains a lean and committed organization that achieves superior and timely results. We are flexible, resourceful and pro-active, quickly adapting to change.
Our unique approach is reflected in the way we chose to communicate with patients and customers. In addition to the regular pharmacovigilance reporting system that all pharma companies have in place, we established a customer service organization (including a customer hotline). This enables us to stay close to our customers, understand their needs and ultimately serve them better.
CTS was also a pioneer in its use of digital. We were the first to set up a corporate Facebook page – in both Hebrew and Arabic. And first to make our websites fully accessible to the handicap. We have been testing advanced data-driven digital marketing and sales tools and methodologies (to cope with regulatory changes).


Israel is a Hub of Healthcare Innovation and Research

Israel's healthcare system is considered one of the most advanced and cost effective. Israel is also becoming a global leader in the field of medical and clinical research and clinical trials.Every year, around 1500 trials are conducted in Israel, and an estimated 350 million dollars are invested by multinational in clinical trials in Israeli medical centers.

Our EHR system is considered quite advanced and Israeli cumulative historical data is invaluable, as our HMO payer system stores decades of clinical data for millions of patients.
In addition, our healthcare system is known for its track record of adopting and covering new drugs and technologies relatively quickly.

Our Partners

We successfully cooperate with leading international companies such as Vifor Pharma, HRA, JAZZ pharmaceuticals, Astellas, Sanofi- Aventis, AB Biotics, Eusa Pharma, Pari, Geistlich and others.


An End-to-End Partner

We offer our partners in-house registration, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and, where applicable, local packaging services. 
Our Business Development team evaluate the potential of new pharmaceutical products and their local market fit, including compatibility with the registration requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Health.


Thorough Market Penetration

We have a successful track record of product launches and market penetration, by building on our in-house teams of experienced medical representatives and veteran pharmaceuticals marketing professionals. We built excellent long-term relationships with physicians, health maintenance organizations ('sick funds'), hospitals, payers, pharmacies, and key opinion leaders.  In addition to commercialization, we help our partners reach the right KOLs to conduct clinical trials, discuss potential research collaboration and find the optimal route to market. .

We continually assess in-license, acquisition and partnership opportunities and are always happy to learn about innovative solutions.  

For More Info Please Contact: 

Maya Pachter-Tal - CTS New Projects Manager

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