Community Involvement

Our company has a close bond with Kiryat Malachi, the town in which CTS manufacturing facilities have been located since 1972. We believe that our social commitment extends both to our employees and their families and also to the greater community in which they live. 

Our community involvement includes:


 At CTS we act according to the company's ethical code and expect our customers and suppliers to do the same.


 Supporting extra-curricular activities in Kiryat Malakhi’s community center and science education for youth in nearby Ashkelon. 

» Donating products to needy families, disabled and sick children in the region and to IDF soldiers.

» Supporting educational and cultural institutions, including medical and agricultural university faculties, through the Cohen Fund established in 1970 in remembrance of Adon Cohen.

» Ten smart classes were donated by CTS and "kadima mada" organzation, in the multidisciplinary high school. For further reading

» Employing the disabled.

» Adapting products for people with special needs.

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