A Thinking Class


Ten smart classes were inaugurated in the multidisciplinary high school. The investment: 800 thousand ILS, that were donated by "CTS" and "kadima mada" organzation

The Yochebed & Abraham Sussman Cohen Foundation, the founders of CTS Ltd., one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Israel, will inaugurate together with "World ORT kadima mada" organization a new innovative digital-educational project in the multidisciplinary "Amal" school in Kiryat Malachi, in an investment of 800 thousand ILS. The objective of the project is first and foremost to improve the level of education in the city and increase the motivation of the teachers & students in all subjects.

The project will operate 10 classes in "Amal" school with new interactive learning methods. The classes are equipped with high class technology equipment including: a smart board that is connected to the teachers computer and an LCD projector, a laser printer, laptops for the students, a special teaching software and a Wi-Fi connection.

The Wi-Fi connection will connects between all the students computers , amongst themselves & the teachers working station. Allowing the teacher to control all the students working stations, to be involved in their learning process when needed & even have an indication regarding every student in every step of it's learning process. As well, the teacher can write on the smart board with an electric pen and present a combination of various contents from different media sources, from the internet as well as the students computers.

The special teaching software allows every student to advance individually in the learning material from it's computer. The communication in front of the students will be with the assistance of an interactive voting system that serves the teacher during the classes, as a tool to measure the students understanding of the subject, and provide the teachers with an immediate feedback and a full picture of the level of knowledge in the class.

Meir Sussman Cohen, chairman of the foundation & chairman if CTS: " The Yochebed & Abraham Sussman Cohen Foundation together with CTS takes part in a large variety of activities for the community in Kiryat Malachi, where two of CTS's factories operate. We see great importance in social activity in the community, in addition to the smart classes project we fund many science classes in the local community center, as well as in the two high schools in the city as a preparation project for the final exams in great success for the fourth year. We hope that today's students will one day return to the city after the army & studies and will integrate in CTS's factories in the various management positions".

Avi Gonene, the CEO of "World ORT kadima mada" : "One of the goals of the organization is to combine advanced technology that will serve the pedagogy & allow the students and the teachers as one to connect with the 21st century skills. World ORT does this in different ways in Israel and in the world, amongst other through the interactive classes and in training the teachers how to use this technology".

Advocate Ravit Dom, CEO of Amal group: "The digital educational project is an important component in a process of innovation, excellence & entrepreneurship that the Amal group is leading. Amal stands in the front of digital-scientific education, & provides it's students with an equal opportunity to gain knowledge & skills that are vital to integrate in the making frontier of tomorrow's world. In order to do so there is a need for innovative teaching and studying methods, and from that is the great importance of this digital- educational project".


Feb 2013

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