Animal Care- The Veterinary Division

The primary activity of the Veterinary Division is to represent international pet food companies in Israel.  We undertake all importing, registration, marketing and distribution activities. We also manufacture our own pet food supplements, toiletries and insecticides.

We seek to improve “Quality of Life” and this inspires us to provide highly effective solutions for treating many different animals. As a long-established veterinary supplier in Israel, CTS has a highly developed distribution chain. All our products can be found in animal clinics, pet care shops, DIY chains and chain stores.

Importing leading international brands

The Veterinary Division imports a broad range of pet food products.  These products include leading international brands such as Farmina Pet foods, Thai Union manufacturing, Cotecnica Sccl, Continental Nutrition, Versa Lega, Chenango Valley Pet Foods Inc, Dr Alders and others. 

Dr. Pet Products

Our premium Dr. Pet food for cats and dogs is formulated to give them robust health and fine appearance. Other product lines include health additives and supplements, preparations to treat damaged skin and painful joints, and dental care products.

All animal products are produced in our pharmaceutival plant, tested and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Agriculture. In some cases we also obtain the approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Ongoing product development

At our Dr. Meron plant we manufacture a broad range of veterinary products. Our specialists are highly experienced in developing solutions for our various clients, from farmers to pet shops.  We respond with dedication and speed to requests to improve or amend our products, or add new ones. We also deliver effective solutions for external parasites in cattle, sheep, poultry and fish farming

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