Agrica - the Agricultural Division

Agrica, the Agricultural Division, is primarily involved with representing international companies in the forefront of agricultural research and development. We import, register, market and distribute plant protection products, fertilizers, plant growth regulators and seeds. 
For over 80 years we have been a focus of experience, knowledge and expertise in the agricultural community. 
Our commitment to the concept of “Safe and Healthy from Seed to Fruit” has served Israel’s farmers, food processors, food chains and consumers.

Skilled agronomists

Agrica agronomists are involved in the development and implementation of a wide range of solutions in plant protection, while complying with the demands of EUREPGAP and the various food chain stores standards. In the seeds business, they test various crops and varieties for their suitability to Israel’s conditions.  All our agronomists hold academic degrees in agriculture.

Importing and Marketing

Agrica import and market plant protection products and seeds from leading multinational companies that are in the forefront of agricultural research and development.  Such companies include Syngenta, BASF, Valent (Sumitomo), Nufarm KWS, Esasem, Emerald, Civis and others.  They also benefit from our standing as a manufacturer of pest control products and other preparations.

Know-How manufacturing agreements

With some of these multinationals companies we have know-how agreements to locally manufacture their plant protection products for the Israeli market.  Such products, as well as our own brands, are formulated by our own subsidiary, Dr Meron Chemical Works.
Having this production capability (as well as the flexibility to adjust the size of packaging, formulation and labeling for the local market) gives us a significant competitive advantage.
Our production plant complies with ISO 9002 standards and the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of the Environment. We are also about to receive certification for Global Green Standards ISO 14000.

Paving the Way for the Future

"Agrica grasps seed cultivation as the way of the future, and invests considerable effort and resources.  We are constantly joining forces with professional bodies locally and around the world under know how and collaboration agreements.  One of the developments is cultivation of a new legume meant to nourish cows and will hopefully replace in the future the clover and vetch. Legumes offer enhanced nutritional value and holds far greater commercial qualities.
Another development is 'early season onion', the seeds are already marketed for a second consecutive year.
We have additional cultivation programs, in the field of melons, chickpea and wheat.” 
Says VP sales & marketing.

Our latest collaboration achievements:

H2O Farm is a result of collaboration between Growponics Ltd. and the CTS Group; we grow various types of hydroponic lettuce, mainly Butterhead and Romaine, using water as our growing medium. Our patented technology provides better and safer crops and is by far kinder to the environment:

● Saving water - Hydroponics saves up to 75-90% water compared to traditional agriculture.
● Saving Land - Hydroponics enables growing more crops on a limited amount of land compared to traditional agriculture, a major advantage in areas where fertile land is scarce.
● Saving the environment - Hydroponics provides plants with exact amounts of nutrients, thus preventing any axcess from polluting land and groundwater.
● Year-round yields - Removing the variables and constraints in nature, enables us to achieve all year round quality of produce, regardless of the season, temperature and precipitations.
● Longer Shelf Life - Our vegetables lasts longer. Not only are they cleaner to begin with, the fact that we do not wash our produce further lengthens shelf life.

Read more: CT farm using different growing technique for safer romaine lettuce (News8)

 Agrica's venture capital fund

AgriNation invests and actively supports Israeli innovative agritech and food tech entrepreneurs aspiring to solve the world's food security challenges. Together with keen entrepreneurs, smart investors and a global network we are developing an industry and ecosystem that will advance us in securing food for the world. AgriNation leverages lucrative technological opportunities and a diverse portfolio of Israeli agritech innovative ventures, mainly by:

● Funding the Gap: AgriNation targets early stage ventures with proven technology currently in their pre-commercial phase.

● Investment Focus: Precision agriculture, plant protection, aquaculture, post-harvest and food tech are our main focus areas.

● Innovation Focus: Investments are selected based on proven innovative technology.

● Smart funds delegation: The Agrination team contributes its cumulative experience and leverages its expansive networks in order to enable its portfolio affiliation companies towards achieving their business and technological objectives and penetrate both new local and global markets.

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