Healthcare Devision

CTS imports, registers, markets and distributes the healthcare products of leading global pharmaceutical companies in Israel.  We also manufacture, sell locally and export our own Rx and OTC products. 
For over 90 years our goal has been to improve health and the quality of life by providing our customers with innovating and excellent products which are safe and effective.  

Full product range

We work with leading international pharmaceutical companies such as Vifor, Takeda, HRA, EUSA pharma, Geistlich and others.

Our Healthcare Division manufactures and exports pharmaceutical products, dermo-cosmetics and toiletries to Australia, Hong Kong, UK, South Africa, Turkey, Central and Eastern European countries, USA and Russia. We also provide tailored solutions to companies who wish to market their own private label.

Skilled and versatile marketing expertise

Our professional medical and sales representatives work closely with physicians and pharmacists within the community, as well as with purchasing personnel in the health funds and hospitals. Their expertise encompasses Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Urology, Neurology, Dentistry and more.

Extensive production capabilities

Our production teams in both our plants are adept in providing customized manufacturing solutions in response to specific client needs. The  Healthcare Division operates two advanced manufacturing plants:

CTS Chemical Industries Ltd – manufactures pharmaceuticals; our own Rx and OTC and know-how products, including dry solid dosage forms: pellets, capsules, tablets and lozenges; oral solutions and drops.

CTS-Novis Ltd – manufactures a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries, self developments and products under licensing agreements.

Quality assurance

All CTS healthcare products meet strict international standards:

TGA: Australian Health Authority Certification
GMP:  Israeli Ministry of Health.  We also have GMP Certification granted by UK QP for capsule production and Romanian GMP Certification.
PICs: Equivalent to GMP; valid in 24 countries including UK, Germany, Canada, France and Australia
ISO: ISO 9001:2000 (45)

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