Research & Development

Research and Development is a top priority at CTS.  We invest a large part of our turnover in R&D, providing a full range of drug development solutions from testing formulations to full-scale clinical studies.

A particular focus at CTS is in Pediatrics.  Our focus is to develop special formulations for infants and young children that are effective and easy for them to accept.

Our R&D efforts have already led to the highly successful marketing of the Tiptipot line, a series of medications in orally administered drops that deals with conditions such as coughs and colds, high temperature, nasal congestion and gastric conditions.  CTS research expertise is now being directed to other areas of pediatric treatment.

Our scientists, technicians and other professionals work as an innovative team to produce added-value generic pharmaceuticals as well as personal care products, all supported by licensed and documented data. Towards this goal, we cooperate with universities, clinics and research organizations worldwide.

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