Dr. Meron Chemical Works Ltd

Dr. Meron Chemical Works is our special plant in Haifa that formulates and manufactures pest control products and other preparations for plant protection and animal care in Israel. It serves our Agricultural and Veterinary Departments. The main lines are Syngenta and Nutri-Ag products.

In common with our other CTS plants, Dr. Meron Chemical Works is organized to offer a high degree of flexibility with regard to various parameters such as size of packaging and suitable formulation for local market needs. For our own products, as well as for products manufactured under license, this key factor gives us an important advantage over our competitors who are less able to adapt to local conditions.

Our plant meets the stringent standards of ISO 9002 as well as all the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental protection.

Moreover, as part of the company's green agenda, Dr. Meron plant will be certified for ISO 14001 by the end of 2009.

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