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Production of Mucolit Syrup at CTICTS operates three manufacturing plants in Israel for the production of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, toiletry and agricultural products.

CTS Chemical Industries Ltd, Kiryat Malachi

CTS Chemical Industries manufactures over 100 pharmaceutical products in a variety of solid dosage forms (tablets, lozenges, caplets and capsules) and liquids (syrups, drops and suspensions). Such products include CTS-developed generics, branded generics and products manufactured under know–how agreements with Sanofi-Aventis, Vifor, Ethypharm, Mitsubishi Pharma and others.

The site is a modern, fully integrated processing, packaging, storage and shipping facility for pharmaceuticals, and is also equipped with on-site R&D laboratories. The plant maintains the highest quality standards and undertakes all manufacturing activities in accordance with quality regulations required for GMP compliance.

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CTS Novis Ltd, Kiryat Malachi

This manufacturing plant specializes in the production of various cosmetics and toiletry products for CTS and possesses the capability to undertake every stage from product R&D to final packaging. CTS Novis Ltd is ISO 9001:2000 certified and meets the stringent requirements of the Israel Ministry of Health and the Ministry of  Environmental Protection.

Over 170 products are manufactured at this plant, not only CTS’s own products but also private label brands and products manufactured under licensing agreements for international companies.

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Dr. Meron Chemical Works Ltd, Haifa

CTS’s plant in Haifa is involved in the formulation and manufacturing of pest control products and other preparations for plant protection in Israel. It produces Syngenta and Nutri-Ag products. By having the flexibility to adapt its product capabilities (size of packaging, suitable formulation etc) to the needs of the local market, Dr. Meron Chemical Works gains a significant advantage over its competitors. The plant meets the stringent standards of ISO-9002 and meets all the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of  Environmental Protection.

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