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Milestones and achievements over nine decades

Pre-State History (Palestine)

Israel – 1948 to 1996

Israel – 1997 to date

Pre-State History (Palestine)

1918 – Isaac and Bernard Green set up ‘Green Brothers’ in Cairo to market drugs and bandages and rapidly evolve into one of Egypt’s leading pharmaceutical firms. Three departments are established: Medical, Agricultural and Film. The company’s growing standing leads it to become the Near East representative for Bayer as well as the film manufacturer Agfa.

1921- A third brother, Joshua Green opens a branch office in Jaffa, which begins to make headway, addressing the growing needs of a population in urgent need of pharmaceutical products. A family member, Abraham-Cohen Sussman, known as A.S Cohen (Adon Cohen), joins the firm at the beginning of 1928.

1929- The Palestine office moves from Jaffa to Tel Aviv.

1930 - The Agricultural Department takes the initiative in seeking a solution to the thousands of field mice that are devastating local crops. To this end it works together with government officials, Arab and Jewish farmers. During the 1930s, the company also works together with Bayer to develop new drugs to combat Bilharzia and Malaria as well as a serum for treating snake bites.

1935 - The Film Department assists Baruch Agadati to complete the first talking documentary film in Hebrew entitled ‘This is the Country’, recording the efforts of the early settlers.

1937 - The company takes part in the building of Beit Hadar and moved the offices there until 1942.

1938 - With the rise of Nazism, all ties between Green Brothers (both in Cairo and Palestine) and the German companies Bayer and Agfa, as well as others, are severed. Their place is taken by other major companies, including Geigy of Switzerland, and Glaxo and Beecham of England, and from the USA American Optical , Ben & Howell, Cenco, Westinghouse Medicals and others.

1942 - Adon Cohen becomes a shareholder in the company, which later that year also changes its name to J. Green & Co. (Palestine) Ltd. Anticipating the war-time scarcity of drugs, the company establishes a factory called Palestine Pharmaceuticals Products and begins to manufacture pharmaceuticals for the local market and the British Army.  This initiative results from partnership between Haim Weizmann, the Ziv Institute in Rehovot (later the Weizman Institute), the company P.HP.P. The factory is eventually sold to Kibbutz Maabarot (Trima).

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Israel – 1948 to 1996

1948 – With the establishment of the new state, J. Green & Co begins to formulate agricultural materials. Adon Cohen takes numerous initiatives to supply the young nation’s farmers with badly-needed fertilizer, using innovative sources such as imported Guano (bird droppings) and recycled garbage, on the site known today as Hiria. Adon Cohen’s son, Mayer, joins the firm in late 1951.

1955 – Audio visual and cinematographic department is reopened supplying screens, films, filmstrips, projectors and epidiascopes to education institutes. With the introduction of Cinemascope, J.Green & Co supplies about 75% of the market, from lenses and screens to complete projection booths.

1956 - The company changes its names to Chemical and Technical Supplies (CTS Ltd.). When Joshua Green passes away in 1960, control of the company passes to his cousins, the Cohen-Sussman family. During the 1960s, CTS’s Medical Division pioneers vaccinations against measles and influenza in Israel. Meanwhile the Agricultural Division revolutionizes pest and weed control in citrus orchards.

1962 – The Veterinary Department is established to help Israel protects its poultry stocks. CTS becomes involved in bringing an effective vaccination into Israel to halt the spread of Newcastle disease in chicken.

1963– Technotron, the CTS division of medical and scientific equipment is extended, supplying advanced vacuum systems to universities, research institutes, X Ray equipment (supplied the first Cobalt, manufactured by Westinghouse, to Hadassah hospital in Tel Aviv), anesthesia equipment, operations tables, spectrophotometers etc. 

1971 - Mayer S. Cohen is appointed Managing Director. In 1973 he realizes his dream of resuming local pharmaceutical production and purchases the Novis pharmaceutical plant from Kibbutz Erez. The following years, the plant moves to Kiryat Malachi and is named CTS Chemical Industries Ltd..

1981 - CTS purchased Dr. Meron Chemical Works Ltd. plant and extended its production activities into manufacturing and formulations of plant protection chemicals, Hygiene products and Animal Care. 

1982 – CTS Chemical Industries Ltd. (CTI) moves to larger facilities within Kiryat Malachi, and begins to produce a broad range of pharmaceuticals. That same year, the company also begins operations of a second plant in Kiryat Malachi, CTS Novis, for toiletries, paramedical and healthcare products
Mayer’s daughter, Dana, joins the company.
Company name is officially shortened to CTS Ltd.

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Israel – 1997 to date

1997- CTS reestablish its Veterinary Division to develop, produce and market products for Israel’s pet market.

1998 – CTS established a logistics company called Novolog as a 50% partnership with Pharm-Up. Novolog distributes pharmaceuticals to pharmacies and health institutions, as well as toiletries and cosmetics to other retail outlets.

2000 – The company undertakes a major expansion of CTS Chemical Industries, its pharmaceutical production plant.

2001 – Sigal First is appointed Managing Director, almost 60 years after her grandfather Adon Cohen first purchased shares in the company. She joined CTS at the beginning of 1988, precisely 60 years after her grandfather.

2002 – The Agricultural Department begins distributing seeds for a variety of crops.  Launch of Tiptipot line for infants and babies. the Tiptipot OTC line soon became a leading brand in Pediatric care.

2004 – The Agricultural Division acquires its own identity ‘Agrica’.  CTS launches the ‘Dr Pet’ line of natural care products for treating various problems in cats and dogs.

2005 – CTS extends its range of Pharmaceuticals products, including Keppra, a leading treatment for several types of epilepsy from UCB and Xefo, a unique NASID for acute pain relief from Nycomed.
2006 – CTS upgrades its veterinary division that acquires its own identity under the AnimalCare name.
It also receives its first patent for special use of components and exports generic pharmaceuticals for the first time, to Australia.

2008 - CTS Chemical Industries is granted PIC and TGA (Australian Health Authority) certification for the production of liquid and solid formulations.  
The export department is expanded and now exports products of CTI and Novis to various countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Turkey.

2009 - Export Femina line into new markets;
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